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Pocklington School

West Green, Pocklington, York, YO42 2NJ

is a Lead School in the Network of Excellence

quote Computer Science is an important part of the curriculum and we offer GCSE and A Level qualifications that have shown promising take-up from keen students. Our KS3 delivery is wide and varied with plenty of scope for learning programming techniques in Logo, Small Basic, Scratch, Kodu, VB.Net, AppInventor and Python. We are keen to promote understanding of Binary, Logic Gates, ASCII and Hex. Moving forward to meet the challenges of this exciting subject is our main aim. quote

URN: 118132

East Riding of Yorkshire

Yorkshire and the Humber

Other Independent School

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Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Sixth Form

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Registered Master Teacher: Chris Charles

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