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Python Program to print out a star triangle of any size

This challenge was set for my son during his recent interview for an IT job position which required some basic python skills

Mustapha Khoudi

Created by Mustapha Khoudi
last edited Jul 14 2021 by Mustapha Khoudi

Python program that will print out a star triangle/pyramid of any base of stars

how does it work?

The program is run as follows:

The program ask the user to enter the base which is an integer number of stars at the bottom of the triangle/pyramid. Then the program prints out the triangle

I am proposing two ways of doing it, my son’s way (his answer at the interview) and my way. Of course there are many other ways (more or less efficient!)

  • My Son’s Solution

    • Use of a basic loop: for each line of the triangle print the appropriate number of spaces and stars
      • Need to work out the number of lines that need to be looped over
  • My solution

    • I used this to introduce to the learners the use of the Zip built in function which zipps two iterables one for spaces and the other for stars

As always, the programs are commented to explain their logics


Alt text

Hope this helps!

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