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Computing Education Research Student Network (club or cop)

To support those who are undertaking research, CAS Research Working Group run a support group. This is a very friendly group who meet once a month online to talk about theoretical frameworks, literature, stats and just generally about research.

Jane Waite @janewaite

Created by Jane Waite @janewaite
last edited Apr 06 2021 by Jane Waite @janewaite

Come along to the Computing Education Research Student Network.

We can’t decide if we are a group, club, cop or network - but what we do know is - we are a friendly bunch of students who are doing some kind of computing education research. Some are doing classroom action research, some are master students, we have PhD students and others who are thinking of doing research. We talk about what ever is useful for the group. Sometimes we practice presentations or discuss things.

We have met via Twitter, Facebook and now (after lots of bombing problems with Zoom) we meet in GatherTown. Thanks to Glasgow CS Ed Research team.

We meet on the third Wednesday of each month at 5pm. To signup please complete this eventbrite.

Also, join our CAS Research Facebook Group for more info.

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