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Hand-Drawn Data Selfies - KS2, KS3 & KS4 unplugged introduction to ethics or data science

Unplugged and inclusive computing activity - version for 11-16 and different activity file for KS2 and families.

Claire Garside

Created by Claire Garside
last edited Apr 07 2021 by Claire Garside

Hand-drawn data visualisation with ‘data selfies’ from a heritage project called ‘This Girl Codes’. Feedback includes how it was useful as a provocation activity for discussion or debates in the classroom. Discover additional teaching resources linked to ‘Dear Data’. Further activities to support teaching data science in the curriculum shared from Teach Computing.

Teacher/Facilitator guide and reading list will be uploaded to the TGC website - check out Year2/Light tab for resources, including a higher quality PDF to download.

Level: All with teacher adaption. 2 files - version for 11-16 and different activity file for KS2 and families.

Duration: One hour as an introductory activity

Teaches: The difference between data and information. How visualising data can help identify patterns and trends in order to help us gain insights.

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