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OCR J277 GCSE Tracking Sheet

A spreadsheet that helps pupils to track their progress through the GCSE course.

James King

Created by James King
last edited Jul 01 2020 by James King

Resource description

This resource is a spreadsheet that can be distributed to pupils to allow pupils to track their own progress through the OCR GCSE Computer Science course. Giving pupils ownership of their progress and results rather than them being perceived by pupils as something that is controlled by and as the responsibility of the teacher can aid students to become self-directed learners.

How to use the spreadsheet

Rather than typing written instructions there is a 5 minute video displaying how to use the different elements of the spreadsheet.

Password protection

Most of the first sheet (My Progress) and a part of the second sheet (Work Record) are locked to prevent pupils from accidentally (or purposely) editing the formulas.

The password to unlock the sheets is: csteacher


This spreadsheet is an adaptation of the AQA 8525 GCSE Tracking sheet posted by Mick Flaherty.


On the ‘My Progress’ sheet:

  1. Unit 3 - Computer networks, connections and protocols is referred to as Computer Networks.

  2. Unit 1.6 - Ethical, legal, cultural and environmental impacts of digital technology is referred to as Impacts of digital technology.

This is simply because the unit names are too long to fit into the space available on the ‘My Progress’ sheet. On other sheets the units are referred to by their full names.

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