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Girls/Women and Computing

Very few girls and women seem interested in computer science/programming. This is a major loss, both for the girls who are missing out on a challenging and well-paid career, and the employers who need quality programmers. This page is for any link relating to girls/women and computing, for anything that we can do to help redress the situation.

Amanda Ford

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CAS #include

CAS #include is CAS’s working group on making a difference by increasing the diversity of students studying Computer Science. Their Diversity toolkit for hub leaders and teachers can be accessed and used for free.

Other organisations and resource sites supporting diversity

  • Code First Girls. "We support young adult and working age women to develop further personal and professional skills. This includes technical skills in coding and programming as well as personal skills. We connect women to a community of other talented and like minded women and companies who can support and accompany them through their professional development. We help companies train their people, recruit new people, and develop their talent management policies and processes so they don’t miss out on amazing female tech talent.

  • The Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids: 239 Cool Sites About Science, Technology, Engineering and Math A guide to STEM for kids organized by age and interest, which includes a section dedicated to resources and activities for girls, Masters in Data Science (2014)

  • CC4G - computer clubs for girls

  • Dot Divas - Young women with the power and passion to make a difference. Girls into Computing - some great resources focus on careers

  • Women in STEM - expert-driven guide for women interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) disciplines including:

    • A list of scholarships and grant opportunities exclusively for women in STEM
    • A list of the top careers for women in STEM
    • An interview with Dr. Wendi Heinzelman, professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Rochester
  • Scholarships, Colleges and Careers in Computer Science - Despite the wide range of job opportunities in computer science, women remain significantly underrepresented in the field. Today, however, many companies, organizations, and colleges are committed to increasing the number of women in computer science. Learn what’s being done and how you can prepare for a successful career in this innovative field. (USA)

  • Website Development Learning Center - This list from DeVry Bootcamp provides free resources for women who want to learn basic website coding. (USA)

Videos about women in computing

  • Big Dream is a 90-minute film that follows the intimate stories of seven young women who are breaking barriers and overcoming personal challenges to follow their passion in science, math, computing & engineering. From small town Iowa to the bustling streets of the Middle East, Big Dream immerses viewers in a world designed by and for the inspiring next generation of girls. You can apply to host a screening, at your school, PTA, or other event (follow the link).

  • Profiles of women in computing, produced by Microsoft Research. Also Bridging the gender gap, an 8-minute video. You can find more on MSR’s main diversity page

Inspiring women in computer science or technology, past and present

Studies/articles about the issue


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