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Remote learning options - ABC cards for schools

ABC is a process for designing sequences of learning activities and particularly for transitioning from conventional face to face approaches to blended and online activities. Teachers have adapted ABC for the current lock down context.

Jane Waite @janewaite

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Created by UCL and originally developed for university settings, ABC is a simple process for redesigning teaching and learning sequences which normally involves months of activity. The teachers who created the original set of card in the CAS Research Working Group, presented on their cards at the CAS Virtual event on 23rd June 13:00. Here are the slides. We will add the recording.

Primary and secondary teachers have collaboratively adapted this process for school contexts and are producing ABC cards which can be used to review and design remote teaching activities.

So far we have 3 sets of cards:

  • Set 1 - Primary classroom - full set
  • Set 2 - Secondary classroom (using google classrooms) - full set
  • Set 3 - Secondary - teaching computing (focus on programming) - production card only
  • Set 4- CPD cards

Set 1 - Primary cards - full set -linked here

Set 2 - Secondary Google Classroom - full set of ABC cards - Production in a general secondary context (google school) - Acquisition in a general secondary context (google school) - Discussion in a general secondary context (google school) - Collaboration in a general secondary context (google school) - Investigation in a general secondary context (google school) - Practice in a general secondary context (google school)

Set 3 - Secondary teaching computing - production card - Production in a secondary computing context

Set 4 - CPD ABC cards from Gillian!

Please make suggestions to add to these cards (and make your own - for your own school).

Each card is for

  • a specific learning type (e.g. production)

  • a particular context. (e.g. secondary computing)

There are six learning types - Acquisition - Investigation - Collaboration - Discussion - Practice - Production

Each card includes:

  • a description of the learning type

  • general examples of conventional methods to teach that learning type

  • general examples of digital technology which can be used to facilitate that conventional method

  • context-specific examples of current activities and how they can be alternatively delivered in contexts of

    • low tech,
    • mid-tech and
    • high tech ways (including example tools).

CAS in a Box on ABC coming soon. Book your place here.

If you would like to find out more about ABC, please read here and contact

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