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TurtleStitch - An Introduction to Programming

Writing Code to Create Embroidery Patterns

Margaret Low

Created by Margaret Low
last edited Mar 20 2020 by Margaret Low

My colleague Helen Luckhurst has created a set of resources around TurtleStitch. TurtleStitch gives a fun introduction to programming. Its free, easy to use, and generates patterns that can be stitched by digital embroidery machines.

There are card and video resources around Basic Skills, Maths, Projects and Concepts to Explore. They are available here for download:

The maths cards use TurtleStitch to check students understanding of aspects of geometry and are designed for years 5 and 6 and link to the maths and computing programmes of study.

TurtleStitch is based on Snap, which is very much like Scratch, and it runs in a browser.

Level: (Beginner)

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