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Moving Bridges using the Crumble controller

This is a series of lesson resources to make moving bridges using the crumble controller.

Peter Gaynord

Created by Peter Gaynord
last edited Mar 12 2020 by Peter Gaynord

This resource includes all of the smartnotebooks and other resources required to complete the project with the children. The children had done some prior learning about Pulleys, Levers and Gears in their Science studies. They also had experienced using the Crumble controller on variety of projects before. They were tasked with the job of designing and building a moving bridge for the Panama canal to save fuel. The exact brief/challenge given to them is included in the resources. The smartbooks are not complete at the end because we used the Tuk Tuk Challenge and other resources I have released to remind them about the computing. Enjoy and do email if you need help or advice. Here is a short video of a small sample of the finished bridges:

Level: (Intermediate)

Duration: (Just over half term of DT and Computing lessons)

Teaches: (KS2 CS and DT)

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