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Easy to make badge or levels projects

Jon Byron

Created by Jon Byron
last edited Oct 06 2019 by Jon Byron

There are lots of learning systems on my website, but I’m excited to share with you something I’ve developed called ‘Quozr Badgz’

Originally I made them for KS3 but now I’m using them in all year groups, and getting more learning from my students. They are also applicable for primary.

Although I am a CS teacher, they can be used for any subject.

They encompass differentiation, extension, challenge & inquiry. Great for home learning & they are a ready made rubric.

They also take care of learning styles with verbal and spatial content. They are really easy to make. There is a video on the demo page.

Students can also make them - give them a topic and they make the content.

They can be updated at any time

You can fork existing ones

Everything on is completely free. Pleaase take a look and feedback.

Here is the demo site : Here are a few samples I’ve shared

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