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11 study tips and techniques to help you study better

If you're having trouble studying or concentrating, make sure to follow these tips and tricks. It helped my students a lot, and I wanted to share it with you

Krista Valachová

Created by Krista Valachová
last edited Jul 25 2019 by Krista Valachová

Based on this article here about studying tips and tricks, there are a total of 11 tricks you can do to boost your studying.

You should: 1. Pick a place and time - The more comfortable you are, the better you will study 2. Study daily - It’s better to study a whole book for 3 months rather than in 2 nights. 3. Plan your time - Planning is everything. If you master this, nothing will be hard again. 4. Discover your study style (this was crucial) - Everyone has their own style, and you have to find you own. 5. Take breaks every now and then - Taking breaks will refresh your brain and let it “delete” unnecessary things. 6. Seek help if you’re stuck - We all get stuck at something at some point. It’s not embarrassing if you look for help from others. 7. Write it down - The brain will remember things 77% better if it’s written down 8. Explain it to others - If you can’t explain it others, you don’t know it enough 9. Chew gum (no, it’s not just a myth) - Chewing the same flavor of gum you chewed studying while taking the test will help you remember. 10. Set study goals - Set realistic goals and stick to them. Don’t skip any of them. 11.Test yourself - Don’t let the real test be the first one you take. Take a couple of similar tests before to be prepared.

Read more on the blog I linked.

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Teaches: How to study better and faster

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