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Computing for Blind Students 3

Third of a series of LinkedIn posts

Andrew Eliasz

Created by Andrew Eliasz
last edited Jun 28 2019 by Andrew Eliasz How a Blind Programmer Uses Visual Studio Do look at the following YouTube video …

Encouraging knowledge for developing Python and Javascript programming courses for blind students. FTT , Croydon Tutorial College and CODECroydon are working on introduction to programming courses in Python for blind youngsters and their teachers. Hopefully we will be able to run one or more courses in the Autumn if there is sufficient demand. If this works then follow on courses could include e.g. Micropython programming with a “micro braille display”, Python image processing applications with tactile (e.g. vibrational) feedback [as inspired by a super reasearch project involving a long cane with ultrasound sensing and vibrational feedback demonstrated (unofficially) when teaching a dsPIC DSP programming course to the sonar research projects team at Qinetiq.]

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