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Computing for Blind Students 2

Second of a series of LinkedIn posts ...

Andrew Eliasz

Created by Andrew Eliasz
last edited Jun 28 2019 by Andrew Eliasz

Living with Blindness by Learning How To Code This is a follow on from an earlier post on JAWS Screen Reader scripting. This morning I had a very productive discussion with Richard Freeman and Katherine Turner of Ability Promotions Ltd. regarding the developing and promotion of a 3 day introductory JAWS scripting course.
We also touched on other screen readers .. and the consensus was that NVDA is a good product that can do much of what JAWS does but is open source and free. Scripting NVDA involves writing Python plugins. Interestingly neither Richard or Katherine had heard of Emacs Speak … (for very technical geeks .. but extremely powerful not only as a text editor but also as a powerful IDE, including Python) … so another possible course there.

In their benevolence the “gods of serendipity” smiled on me and I came across Microsoft CodeSpeak that plays very nicely with Visual Studio … so I am looking into developing Python and JavaScript programming courses for blind students based on the use of CodeSpeak and Visual Studio

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