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Teaching Programming To Blind Students

A series of LinkedIn posts that might be of interest - No 1.

Andrew Eliasz

Created by Andrew Eliasz
last edited Jun 28 2019 by Andrew Eliasz

JAWS - The Screen Reader not the Film Today I was shocked to learn that a typical fee charged for implementing JAWS scripting language applications is of the order of £800 per day. It so happens that I am doing some reasearch on using Linked data (JSON-LD) and Concept mapping techniques to develop complex web site applications that can be more readily navigated by blind users. As part of this work I am using JAWS to interact with the text oriented content produce by my application. [Strictly speaking when working with JAWS I should place a towel over the display … alas, I am often tempted to view the display … a luxury not available to a blind JAWS user]

The JAWS scripting language is not well provided for in regards to training materials and examples. I am minded to develop a JAWS Scripting programming course of 3 days duration and to charge £300 plus VAT per student. My sister, Prof. Ewa Eliasz-Brantley was a human rights lawyer who spent much of her professional life “fighting JAWS and its interactions with poorly designed web sites”. It should be possible to do better.

Advice, hints and suggestions much sought after and will be most appreciated.

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