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A Level - Object Oriented PHP Database Management System with OOP to handle the SQL and render the HTML

An Object Oriented database management system in PHP. Object Oriented SQL handling, OOP Html including form elements.

Chris Hall

Created by Chris Hall
last edited Feb 12 2019 by Chris Hall

This is a database system written in object oriented PHP. The SQL is all handled by the Database class. It is designed to be the minimum code possible code just to get object oriented SQL handling working.

The OOP form elements came originally from: The Html class is enough for the index page, but you will probably want to add to it. I am grateful to Rob Williams of Oxford IT Solutions for the initial PHP Database Objects (PDO) code.

You will need a web server such as Xamp and you will need to import the SQL file using phpmyadmin - create a database called annrem first and then import the SQL file into that.

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