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J276 OCR Revision Workbooks with Exam questions and MCQ's (and answers) Topics 1.1 - 2.6

Exam board criteria taken to create a workbook finished off with relevant exam questions and MCQ's from OCR

Saif Aftab

Created by Saif Aftab
last edited Jan 24 2019 by Saif Aftab

Level: For everyone

Duration: We have set these workbooks on a weekly basis for students to complete independently


Seriously - the whole spec is here. Each workbook uses the OCR Exam board specification to get students to recall the key topics and key words. This can be supplemented by revision guides, OCR’s own powerpoints, knowledge organisers etc.

They then can apply this knowledge using the exam questions below and then have a relaxing summary with the MCQ’s.

We give students the answers themselves so they can be totally independent - you can hold them until the next lesson or whatever suits.

Hope this helps you guys with revision ideas for your more and most able students!

(These have been converted from GDocs so apologies if any formatting errors are there!)

Credit to Daniel @learncompsci for the inspiration and the exam questions and @OCR for the MCQ’s and spec

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