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iMedia, Computer Science and KS3 Computing Keyword Revision Games

Interactive revision micro-games to improve literacy in OCR iMedia, Edexcel GCSE Computer Science and KS3 Computing

Pete Dring

Created by Pete Dring
last edited Dec 19 2018 by Pete Dring

I don’t know about anyone else but I find there’s a big difference between students understanding a concept and being able to correctly answer a question about that concept in an exam in a way that gets full marks.

More confident students can use past papers and mark schemes to learn the tricks of what an examiner is looking for but students who struggle with literacy can get thoroughly flummoxed by a word that they don’t recognise in a question, or struggle to articulate what they’ve previously understood because they can’t remember or spell the right terminology.

I’ve been wondering how to support dyslexic students or lower prior attainment students in Computer Science or iMedia and I’ve adapted an idea I’ve stolen from my school’s History department. They’ve recently introduced loads of homework activities that let students encounter and understand key terminology via word searches and cross words, in the hope that they’ll recognise, understand and be able to use those words when they come along to a lesson.

I really liked this idea but wanted to adapt it to make it a little more up to date.

So, in the hope that it’ll boost the confidence of some of the students who have to struggle that much harder to read compared to others, I’ve organised all the learning objectives for both OCR iMedia (R081 Pre Production Skills, the exam unit) and GCSE Computer Science (Edexcel 9-1) and written out over 600 definitions for their respective keywords.

The plan is to have a load of revision micro-games that you can choose either as a starter activity or independent revision homework to gradually build up students’ vocabulary and exam confidence.

So far I’ve got snake, hangman and a multiple choice elimination quiz style game.

Let me know if you spot any mistakes or have any suggestions. I’ve got loads of ideas but not a lot of time so I’m sharing it as a work in progress rather than a finished article.

As with all CAS resources (unless otherwise noted) these definitions, keywords and games have been published under a Creative Commons license. Feel free to use and adapt them but please acknowledge and link back to the original source if you do.

Here’s the link:

Update: I’ve changed the online resource so that you can generate revision posters with QR code links to each topic. Example PDF Posters attached.

Update 19/12/2018: Added Christmas iMedia revision guide for the Jan exams

Hope it helps.

Level: Beginner

Duration: 5 minutes to hours and hours

Teaches: OCR iMedia R081 (LO1, LO2, LO3 and LO4) Edexcel GCSE Computer Science Topics 1-6 KS3 Computing

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