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Type with code

Free online tool to help you improve your typing speed whilst learning to code.

Pete Dring

Created by Pete Dring
last edited Nov 06 2018 by Pete Dring

I have a few students who are addicted to tools where they can practise their typing skills to keep improving their word per minute (WPM) score.

I really like the competitive racing feature in Type Racer where students can race against each other but students can get frustrated because whilst it’s fun to play, it’s hard to improve because it doesn’t show you where the next key is that you need to press.

Some of my students thought it’d be fun to have an online tool where you can learn new programming skills as well as learning how to type faster.

You can choose a specific topic in python or VB or jump into a random snippet of code and type it out as fast as you can.

The code snippets are from a searchable quick reference guide that shows VB / Python code alongside pseudocode but you can also turn any python code you save on into an interactive typing activity.

Here’s the link:

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