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Online Safety: A Pupil's Perspective

A report which presents the research findings from a study carried out (2018) to look into how students felt about the provision of e-safety education in schools and at home.

Shahneila Saeed

Created by Shahneila Saeed
last edited Sep 17 2018 by Shahneila Saeed

The report summarises the findings from 2304 students aged 8 - 17 on their thoughts and perceptions of online safety education. Is school provision relevant to their wider use of digital technology? What support do they receive from parents?

Only 2% of students have no confidence in their ability to keep themselves safe online, and only 19% say that their parents set and enforce screen time restrictions at home.

The report is useful for primary and secondary teachers alike, especially when considering school e-safety strategies and curriculum planning.

Download the report and associated lesson plans and materials here.

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