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Colorama #1

LiveCode implementation

Richmond Mathewson

Created by Richmond Mathewson
last edited Jun 22 2018 by Richmond Mathewson

Colorama is a game for babies:

[ ]

Which is used for young children (3-7 years) to learn colour matching, shape matching and chirality.

Making a computer version of he game uses a few more brain cells than playing the actual game.

I am taking groups of children through this in easy stages: and this is stage #1.

I will post further stages after the weekend.

Level: Dependent on both teacher and pupils.

Duration: Dependent on both teacher and pupils.

Teaches: GRAB, drop targets, conditional loops

This is a ZIP file containing 3 LiveCode stacks:

  1. DEMO.livecode This shows one shape that can be drag-N-dropped onto a drop target: code in the shape should be inspected.

  2. Colorama 1 X.livecode is a stack stripped of scripts for pupils to code.

  3. Colorama 1.livecode is the “teacher-cheater” stack showing how the finished exercise should be.

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