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Simple Text exercise

My No.1 Bog-Basic text exercise in LiveCode

Richmond Mathewson

Created by Richmond Mathewson
last edited Jun 21 2018 by Richmond Mathewson

So, the kids in my Summer course have been toiling away on my BBC Micros and emulators of the same.

(One of the pupils whose English is really “too advanced for his own good” described it as my Summer Coarse: the real problem is that he may be right.)

Having done some simple Mathematics they began to chop up words with LEFT$, RIGHT$ and LEN

[ ]

Now it is time to perform a fairly quantum-type leap into the world of LiveCode and do . . .

. . . exactly the same thing . . . “and the boy at the back who said, “The teacher is a pig.” has to clean the toilet after class.”

Level: Beginner

Duration: That really depends on how quickly your pupils understand things

Teaches: See ref. to BBC BASIC above

I have uploaded 2 LiveCode stacks: the one for the pupils, and the teacher-cheater stack.

Downloaded 159 times.


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