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AI and machine learning in Snap!

New Snap! command blocks for vision and speech recognition, speech synthesis, and machine learning

Ken Kahn

Created by Ken Kahn
last edited Jun 06 2018 by Ken Kahn

The eCraft2Learn project is happy to share our library of new Snap! commands, an associated interactive AI programming guide, and over a dozen sample programs. They can all be found at No installation needed. This works best in Chrome. The paper AI Programming by Children by Ken Kahn and Niall Winters describes this work and will be published in the Proceedings of the Constructionism 2018 Conference in August.

Level: Intermediate/ Advanced

Teaches: Provides a first-hand experience to how vision and speech recognition, speech synthesis, and machine learning can be incorporated into software. The guide touches on issues of societal impact, ethical questions, and scientific and technical descriptions of how machines speak, listen, see, and learn. Empowers students to be creative in making apps and robotic artefacts that have impressive capabilities.

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