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Living in a Digital Society Scheme of Work

KS3/4 Scheme of Work covering legal, ethical and privacy issues.

Ben Goodwin

Created by Ben Goodwin
last edited May 24 2019 by Paul Powell

Living in a Digital Society is an attempt to bring the Legal and Ethical concepts covered in KS4 courses down to KS3, whilst still keeping the course relevant to students without a direct interest in the subject.

Please be aware that the video in section 8 (Environmental Concerns) about an e-waste dump in Accra (slide 48) has been reported as containing swearing

There are a large number of videos meaning that the subject could be taught by non-specialists as long as they are aware of current issues.

I have tried to combine a variety of answer techniques in the form of a “Virtual Workbook”, but feel free to adapt this to your students. It is available as a Google Doc (for use on Google Classroom). This can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word version by going to File –> Download As…

Duration: Roughly 8 lessons, depending on length of lesson and depth of teaching. There is plenty of room for class discussion and additional exploration of concepts.

Topics: 1. Use of Data by companies and governments, including protecting yourself 2. Automation and AI 3. Net Neutrality and Copyright 4. Environment

I may make changes to these resources based on my own personal lesson observations and the response from students in order to improve them. Always looking for additional ideas to include if you have any.

Teacher Note: I have had some inquiries about the worksheet mentioned on Slide 30 Humans Need Not Apply. It is a resource by Read Relevant purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers. It is not necessary to the delivery of the content.

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