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This is a LiveCode stack demonstrating a way of manipulating text to capitalise words for titles.

Richmond Mathewson

Created by Richmond Mathewson
last edited Apr 22 2018 by Richmond Mathewson

Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Duration: That really depends on how much a teacher wants to make of things.

Teaches: Filtering words, characters, repeat loops, conditional statements.

To use this LiveCode stack you’ll need LiveCode Community for your operating system: I recommend version 8.1.9:

This will capitalise each word in a string with the exception of words in a “reserved word” textField.

The code is contained in the script of the button “SORT THINGS OUT”

I know this will come across as extremely “stuffy” and “conservative”, but I think that children who are being taught programming should also be “dragged” through a bit of text manipulation instead of just games, games and games.

Certainly, last Summer the children I taught some BBC BASIC and LiveCode to did not object, and some said they found it interesting.

Just added a second stack to demonstrate selectedText, toUpper and toLower.

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