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A fresh look at the Maths Quiz

A full rewrite of my book version of a maths quiz program. I have added guided algorithm design and making the quiz using a procedure.

Philip Bagge

Created by Philip Bagge
last edited Mar 23 2018 by Philip Bagge

This is a full rewrite of my Maths Quiz plan as found in my How to teach primary programming using Scratch.

You can find the planning here.

It adds a couple of opportunities to model a good algorithm and link this to the programming. There is a video outlining the process which is linked on the page and available here.

I am very interested to see if modelling a good algorithmic process helps them use these processes to create more complex programming in the future.

The second big addition is creating a procedure using make a block in Scratch. This abstracts the process so the user can concentrate on the question and right answer. My pupils have loved this aspect and I have seen lots of build a block use in their own projects.

Abstracting the quiz was inspired by conversations with Jane Waite.

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