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Karl-Hermann Rollke:Android Apps with App Inventor 2: Easy App Development for Everyone, Amazon ISBN 978-1983965043

Book for beginners in app development for school and self studies

Karl-Hermann Rollke

Created by Karl-Hermann Rollke
last edited Mar 19 2018 by Karl-Hermann Rollke

With the development environment App Inventor 2 you can easily develop and test your own apps. The book is intended to help you get started with setting up the development environment right through to your own apps. It is written for beginners who want to deal with app development, but can also be used for teaching purposes in schools or community colleges. It is a step-by-step guide that does not focus on the full description of the programming language, but uses examples to illustrate the capabilities of the development environment. It starts with setting up the environment and the Android device. It continues with simple apps, via variable concepts and control structures to more complex topics. Event-driven apps are developed, subroutines are handled and sensors are queried. Working with multiple screens is just as important as files and dialogs. The examples are chosen so that the topics with increasing difficulty are treated as systematically as possible. The examples are not too complex to be easily understood. They should serve as inspiration for own projects. A technically strict systematology and a complete description of the programming language is not intended to not overwhelm beginners.

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