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Four color theorem, Map coloring, Greedy algorithm

Hands on one four activity on map coloring + A greedy implementation using D3.js ( )

GowriR GowriR

Created by GowriR GowriR
last edited Jan 24 2018 by GowriR GowriR

Links: - D3.js code: -** Article at** :

Contents of the article: - Introducing the Four color theorem. - Where it is used in real life and an activity for students to work on (scheduling after-school activities). - Why are computers involved in this math problem? - Greedy algorithm implementation using D3.js, a visualization tool. - Other algorithms to solve the problem.

Level: (Intermediate/ Advanced)

Duration: (1 hr for the activity and 4 hours for the implementation)

Teaches: (Four color theorem, greedy algorithm, and javascript implementation using D3.js)

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