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Scratch and Morse Code

A Yr 5 or 6 project about morse code perhaps links to WWII

Matthew Wimpenny - Smith

Created by Matthew Wimpenny - Smith
last edited Dec 03 2017 by Matthew Wimpenny - Smith

Creating a Morse Code Keyer in Scratch

One of the Year 6 topic in my school is WWII and I wanted to link some work to Computing. Using Scratch I got the pupils to create a morse code keyer example available here via Scratch. The pupils can add sound as well as the light flash.

Creating a morse code player in Scratch

The part of the project involved the pupils creating a morse code player using Scratch. An example of this code can be found here via Scratch.

Level: KS2 (Yr 6)

Duration: 3 to 6 lessons depending how complex you make these projects

Teaches: work linked to WWII, code breakers. CS and CT.

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