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Scratch 'n' Maths Quiz

This is quick handout I put together for Yr 5 (PDF)

Matthew Wimpenny - Smith

Created by Matthew Wimpenny - Smith
last edited Dec 03 2017 by Matthew Wimpenny - Smith

This is a quick handout to help you get stated with putting a maths quiz or any quiz for that matter together in Scratch.

The Learning Objective

To understand how to use the use ‘if then else’ blocks for selection in your scratch code. Understand and use variables to keep track of data in your code.

Sorry but I made the algorithm stage into a flowchart but of course you could just use comment blocks as subgoal labeling.

Level: KS2 (Yr 4 or 5)

Duration: 3 to 6 lessons

Teaches: Code with selection and variables CT- Algorithms and Logic

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