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CAS Assessment working group

CAS Assessment working group

CAS Assessment working group

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COVID-19 All CAS Assessment working group activity is now online. There are no planned face-to-face meetings.

To facilitate discussion of the assessment issues, the following activities are planned:

  • Responding to forum discussions

  • Initiating new forum discussions

  • Initiating discussions associated with regional conferences.

  • Conducting surveys

  • Coordinating and communicating requests made and opportunities provided by stakeholders with working group members

  • Supporting the School Curriculum and Assessment Committee

Latest activities

CAS Virtual Showcase20 provided the opportunity for 4 discussion areas to be openly debated:

Each area was introduced on June 22nd meeting slide deck audio recording

There were open discussions held on dates between the 22nd June and 2nd July.

The July 2nd meeting reported on the findings of the different meetings slide deck audio recording

The next focii will be raised in the summer break and meetings will occur in the early part of the Autumn Term

Terms of Reference (link).

The purpose of the CAS Assessment working group is to provide clear statements of informed opinion relating to current issues of all aspects of formative and summative assessment in the teaching of Computing reflecting academic and professional understanding of the issues. In doing so, the CAS Assessment working group:

  • Endeavours to represent the opinions of the teacher membership of CAS;
  • Initiates discussion with stakeholders in the teaching and assessment of Computing;
  • Seeks further information through surveys, forum and meetings;
  • Informs the CAS Board of findings and conclusions;
  • Informs CAS members of findings and conclusions.

Archive of previous reports and resources

The KS4 qualifications landscape for Computing published October 2017 here and as a pdf

Autumn 2017 saw a focus on the assessment of computing in the primary phase.

“The aim of the sessions is to establish a shared understanding of both the challenges and opportunities in establishing accurate, valid, and efficient assessment. Assessment systems in the past that have failed to gain traction because they did not engage teachers from day one.”

CAS Assessment working group - 2017-2018 Swindon meeting 14th November 2017 Resulting from the first (Swindon) meeting are:

  • A set of key statements made about the nature of assessment of computing in the primary phase

  • A number of emerging themes derived from those statements

  • A table of self-assessment statements

CAS Assessment working group - Exmouth meeting 10th January 2018 - Resulting from the second (Exmouth) meeting are:

  • A description of key characteristics of a primary assessment system

  • Four models of the means of implementation

  • A list of the principles of assessment

Our challenge is to bring a better understanding of the issues around** key stage 4** Computing curriculum and its assessment articulated as:

Computing in key stage 4 Determining the way forward last edited Aug 13 2017 by John Woollard | Created by John Woollard | Other contributors:

This is the proceedings and report of the CAS Assessment working group regarding key stage 4 assessment for computing following consultation with CAS members, awarding organisations, and other stakeholders.

Report of CAS Assessment working group - ‘practical endorsement’ Comment on this development 23 Jan 2017

From controlled assessment and non-exam assessments to ‘practical endorsement’.

CAS Assessment wg full report last edited Jan 23 2017 pdf

Computing in key stage 4 – determining the way forward John Woollard · 21 Apr 2017, 07:52 At the recent working group and Board meetings it was decided that we need to address the issues relating to Key stage 4 Computing curriculum and assessment.

Discussion thread

Computational Thinking - a guide for teachers arising from the Assessment working group discussion 2015 pdf

Meeting August 2015 report

Assessing Computational Thinking presentation by Cynthia Selby to stimulate discussion and resource creation at the CAS Assessment working group December 11th 2015

Working group members

Please note: members of the assessment working group are drawn from schools and other organisations. They bring a diversity of experience invaluable for a complete understanding of the issues. Any statements in the reports should not and must not be attributed to those schools and organisations.

John Woollard University of Southampton (Chair of CAS Assessment working group)

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