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CAS Tenderfoot Project

CPD materials for curriculum leaders (such as CAS Master Teachers, Lead Schools and Hub Leaders)

Roger Davies

Created by Roger Davies
last edited Oct 02 2017 by Roger Davies

The Google funded CAS Tenderfoot project provides resource-rich CPD materials for use by curriculum leaders (such as CAS Master Teachers, Lead Schools and Hub Leaders) with less experienced colleagues.

Each Unit (currently 7) includes an introductory video, a supporting presentation with detailed delivery advice and supplementary Training Notes. Units are arranged into separate self-standing sessions, each with comprehensive Session Notes giving further background to the activities covered, as well as all supporting resources, released under Creative Commons. This allows curriculum leaders to offer shorter CPD activities through half-day, twilight or CAS Hub meetings, to suit local circumstances.

The subject coverage is broadly to A-Level standard but provides a range of activities that could be used by teachers from Key Stage 3 up. Core concepts in Computational Thinking such as algorithms, abstraction, decomposition, generalisation and evaluation run through all the activities.

Please do take a look at the Unit Summary booklet to get a feel for the scope of the material. A very short sample Session is also included to give a flavour of the resources available. ‘Think of a Number’ is taken from the Unit, Clever Stuff for Common Problems: Going Beyond Simple Algorithms. It is short enough to introduce at a Hub meeting.

If you are willing to offer CPD Sessions to colleagues in your local CAS Community consider registering as a Tenderfoot Trainer. Contact the project co-ordinator, John Woollard ( or view this page for further information. To gain familiarity with the material first, fast-paced, full day CPD (covering a full Unit) can be arranged through your CAS Regional Centre.

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