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OCR A Level CPU Simulator

8 bit binary Von Neumann CPU simulator extending Little Man Computer to show registers and busses required by OCR A Level

Pete Dring

Created by Pete Dring
last edited Nov 19 2018 by Pete Dring

The OCR A Level spec states that students should be able to explain:

  • The Arithmetic and Logic Unit; ALU, Control Unit and Registers (Program Counter; PC, Accumulator; ACC, Memory Address Register; MAR, Memory Data Register; MDR, Current Instruction Register; CIR).

  • Buses: data, address and control: how this relates to assembly language programs.

  • The Fetch-Decode-Execute Cycle; including its effects on registers.

There’s a range of Little Man Computer CPU simulators out there (see linked resources) including Peter Higginson’s excellent tool that illustrate the fetch-decode-execute cycle but there are some limitations to the LMC model which means the LMC model needs supplementing with additional information at A level:

  • LMC uses denary numbers rather than binary for its instructions and data.

  • LMC has 99 addresses but this simulator is limited to 16 due to the 4 bit addressing mode used within binary instructions

This resource is an attempt to adapt the LMC model to an 8 bit binary CPU with just the features specified by the OCR A level.

It’s designed to follow on from the excellent Craig’n’Dave video about the fetch decode execute cycle.

You can try out the simulator here or download the source here.

I hope it’s useful.

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