CAS Conference (Birmingham) 2017

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Resources, and links, from all sessions from the 2017 CAS Conference (Bham)

Note to presenters: please add slides, notes here by editing this page and creating a link to any resources used in your sessions. Files can be added here or external links used.



Block 1

  • If it’s not cross-curricular - it’s not STEAM! (Richard Smith) Video of robot
  • Project Quantum - tests worth teaching to? (Miles Berry) slides, more about Quantum, Diagnostic Questions
  • Are the kids on cyber? (Patrick B & Jason Stanton) Cyber Presentation

  • Transforming School Culture to Deeply Embed Computing (PowerPoint: (Steven Gibson)
  • Making Cool Pictures with Python Coding - Media Computation slides (Ms. Barbara Ericson)
  • Making Algorithms Fun (Darren Travi, Ilia Avroutine)
  • JavaScript - The Web Browser & Beyond (Garfield Gordon)
  • Simulating Our World: Adventures in Agent-based Modelling (Roger Davies)
  • Diving deep into primary programming - design for quality and independence (Jane Waite) Presentation Handout Workshop Plan Survey Research Paper 1 Research Paper 2 in draft will upload at later date
  • Recognising teachers as Chartered IT Professionals (Jeremy Barlow)
  • Improving data literacy (Michel Wermelinger) - slides with embedded links

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

Speed Geek

  • Inspiring young minds with rocket cars (Aulden Dunipace)
  • The purpose of computing education (Andrew Burgess)
  • Pi and micro:bit robotics (Simon Marsden)
  • ScratchX (Joek van Montfort)
  • Integrating code and explanations (Michel Wermelinger)
  • Computational Logic for Use in Teaching (Bob Kowalski)
  • The Borg Paradox: How to assimilate and remain an individual (Claire Griffiths)
  • Three secrets of a good project (Charly Lowndes)
  • Programming the BBC micro:bit in Plain English (Laurence Rogers)
  • Matlab with BBC micro:bit (Clifford French)
  • Getting the most out of the new NEA (Vinay Thwaite)
  • Using appJar to build easy Python GUIs (Richard Jarvis) slides



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