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#caschat Tuesday 19th July

Last CAS Chat before the holidays: Computer Science Education research in school

Sue Sentance

Created by Sue Sentance
last edited Jul 19 2016 by Sue Sentance

The questions are currently rather long for Twitter! I will shorten!

Q1: The vast majority of research in computer science education comes from USA. In the UK we are just emerging as researchers in this area. What topics should we be researching through the Computing curriculum in England?

Q2: What are the benefits for teachers (if any) in carrying out their own classroom-based research projects?

Q3: Some research by Linda Werner and colleagues inn 2014 suggests that pair programming is effective as a programming pedagogy, but that the pairing of students with similar collaborating behaviour is important. Is this your experience?

Q4: One area of research is misconceptions about programming. A common misconception may be that there is no difference between equality and assignment (a == 5? as opposed to a = (becomes) 5). What other misconceptions would you like to see examined through research projects?

Q5: Research has indicated that encouraging students to read code before writing it, including being able to trace through what is happening in a program, helps learning. Does your experience support this?

Q6: One suggestion to support teachers interested in research in CS Ed is regional research hubs? Is this of interest? How can teachers engage effectively with research?

Bonus Question: What can CAS (as a community which includes academics) do to encourage teachers to engage with research?

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