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Miles Berry

Created by Miles Berry
last edited May 03 2017 by Miles Berry

Thanks to the generosity of our friends at Google, CAS is pleased to announce the (re)launch of its YouTube channel, CAS TV.

We’ve some exciting programmes lined up for the channel, with new content being released each week for the next few months, and hopefully beyond. We’re starting with Simon Peyton Jones explaining algorithmic complexity (and giving his view on P vs NP), then following with Pete Kemp on developing computational thinking through 3D animation, Alan O’Donohoe on teaching Python and Catherine Elliott of #include on helping students with SEN/D access the computing curriculum.

There is much more planned for the weeks ahead, taking in some of the real subject knowledge challenges of secondary computing to link with CAS’s Tenderfoot Computing project, practical classroom strategies for teaching programming, physical computing and other elements of CS and some broader educational issues such as lesson observation, extracurricular projects and primary-secondary links. We’ll also be adding to the archive of CAS conference presentations - do let us know if you’d like us to come and film at an event you’re organising.

To keep up to date with all this content, simply click the subscribe button on

As well as subscribing, there are some other ways you could get involved:

  • Tweet out links to new programmes - follow @compatsch for updates.
  • We’re on the lookout for content and programme ideas: if you’d like us to come and film an interview about an interesting project, or (assuming you can secure the necessary permissions) film in your school, please do get in touch directly or below.
  • We’re also happy to add CAS members’ own YouTube content to the CAS TV home page - ping us a note or reply below if you’d like us to include something from your channel (and perhaps return the favour…). We’re keen to capture something of the CAS community spirit on the new channel: “There is no them - only us”.

Don’t forget - please subscribe!

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Release schedule

23rd February 2016 - Simon Peyton Jones on algorithmic complexity

3rd March 2016 - Pete Kemp on creativity and 3D animation

10th March 2016 - Alan O’Donohoe on Python

16th March 2016 - Catherine Elliott on SEN

30th March 2016 - John Stout on Snap!

6th April 2016 - Steve Furber on computers and brains

14th April 2016 - Carrie Anne Philbin on gender and computing - followup hangout on air

22nd April 2016 - Toby Howard on the UK Schools Computer Animation Competition

28th April 2016 - Paul Curzon on graphs - qv the book of the movie!

9th May 2016 - Sue Sentance on computing education research

18th May 2016 - Rebecca Franks on Pupil Premium (plus a Quick Guide to hex / binary / decimal conversion)

29th May 2016 - Will Gilpin on Machine Learning

3rd June 2016 - David Whale on programming the BBC micro:bit - follow up #caschat live.

3 July 2016 - Sue Sentance on the BCS certificate in computer science teaching

2 March 2017 - Paulo Casanova on graph theory

8 March 2017 - Matthew Inwood on how computers work

15 March 2017 - Emma Goto on computing in EYFS

22 March 2017 - Genevieve Smith-Nunes on data and dance

29 March 2017 - Georgina Wilcox on making sense of the web

5 April 2017 - Aga Madurska on finite state machines

12 April 2017 - Phil Bagge on primary computing

19 April 2017 - Faisal Karjikar on bits and bytes

3 May 2017 - Quintin Cutts on computing pedagogy

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