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Text entry for the BBC Micro:bit

One approach to getting text onto a micro:bit, using Morse code...

Miles Berry

Created by Miles Berry
last edited Feb 14 2016 by Miles Berry

More a proof of concept than anything, but here’s one approach to entering text onto a BBC micro:bit using nothing more than Morse code.

Key in Morse using button A. To get the text displayed, hold button B and tap A.

At the moment, this only does one word at a time, and the timings are set very slow, as I’m not particularly good at Morse code! Video demo of this on YouTube. There’s plenty of scope for improvement…

The was inspired by, and borrows code from, the Raspberry Pi Morse code worksheet.

It was built using ntoll’s Mu editor for BBC micro:bit micropython.

The repo on github includes a refactored, commented version of the code by Nicholas Tollervey and a network version, allowing a couple of micro:bits to send and receive Morse via wires between pins 1 and 2: see this video.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: A few hours from scratch?

Teaches: input, encoding, binary representations, Python, BBC micro:bit

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