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The Hub Leader Toolkit

Up to date information for Hub Leaders

Yvonne Walker

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The CAS Hub Leader Toolkit

“How to” guides and other resources to support you in your role as a CAS Hub Leader.

Help for organising hub meetings

Out of the box hub meeting

We have provided here a number of ‘out of the box’ sessions for both primary and secondary Hub meetings that you can download and use if you don’t have the time to create something from scratch! These are drawn from other hub leader suggestions and also the CAS Quickstart Computing packs.

If you would like to add your own ideas here please do.

NB. Introduction to programming in python courtesy of:

Other information

What is a CAS Hub?

The CAS Hub is a local, face-to-face meeting of Primary and/or Secondary school teachers, to share their ideas for developing the teaching of Computing in their schools, their classrooms and their community. It is a meeting of like-minded professionals with the general objective of supporting each other and the specific aim of providing (at least) one resource for attendees to take away use in the classroom.

CAS Hubs meet once a term for a couple of hours after school. The style and format of the meeting is up to the discretion of the Hub Leader, but each will focus on an aspect of teaching the Computing curriculum and will provide plenty of opportunity for teachers to collaborate, sharing their expertise with one another.

How can I become a CAS Hub Leader?

The CAS Central Hub Team will then set up your Hub webpage, adding you as an administrator to the CAS Community website and creating a dedicated Hub Leader email ID for your Hub

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