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CAS London Conference 2016 Presentations

Workshop Presentations

Jane Waite @janewaite

Created by Jane Waite @janewaite
last edited Aug 16 2016 by Darren Travi

CAS London held its first Annual Regional Conference on Saturday 27th February.

The event was a resounding success, sold out weeks in advance, with feedback showing that teachers created a day of personalised computing CPD that hit the SPOT!

Presentations and resources are linked below.

Scratch Introduction Wendy MacLeod

DT and Crumbles - Dave, Nick and Gillian plus: - Crumble card - overview and programming - Crumble programming challenges - CrumbleBot overview and programming - CrumbleBot programming challenges

Unplugged Sorting - Paul Curzon

Tenderfoot - Dave White

Python Introduction - Alex Bennett

VB Introduction - Darren Travi

Changes to OCR Exams - Rob Leeman presentation comparision

A Level Python and Databases - Sue Sentance

Maths using Scratch - Phil Bagge

Assessment after levels - Mark Dorling

Raspberry Pi for beginners - Nic and Steve

Introduction to Visual Basic Darren Travi

Secondary Pedagogy - Dave White

Changes to AQA exams - Matt Walker

Python and Files - Sue Sentance

App Inventor - Trevor Bragg

Python Advanced Gui - William Marsh

Kodu Introduction - Iain and Helena

Primary Pedagogy- Yasemin Allsop

Apps for Good - Emily Thorbburn

Advanced Scratch - Neil Rickus

Java Script - Garfield Gordon

Engduino - Rae Harbid

Greenfoot workshop - Michael Kölling

Big Data - Ben Haughton

Computational Thinking - Primary - Bradley and Neil

Magic - Paul Curzon

Networks - Phil Bagge

Microbit - Eliot Williams,(pres,handout) plus micro:bit input/output overview and programming challenges

LMC - William Marsh

Construct 2 - Alex Bennett

What is Object-Oriented Programming? - Michael Kölling

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