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GCSE Computing Quiz Questions

A bank of questions and answers for measuring learning progress

Alan O'Donohoe

Created by Alan O'Donohoe
last edited Oct 19 2015 by Alan O'Donohoe

This is a bank of multiple choice questions I wrote for assessing progress of my learners in my GCSE Computing classes. I wrote them over a 6 week summer break. I don’t feel like I finished the task properly, so if you’d like to pick up where I left off - please do.

When I wrote them, I designed them to be imported into the Moodle Quiz module. You’ll find two files here - the .XML file should import straight into Moodle (probably the most useful one containing the correct answers). The other file the .html file contains all of the answers but does not indicate which is the correct answer.

Some questions in the .html file could just be displayed in a browser and used as a starter or plenary for a lesson.

I hope in the spirit I’m sharing them, that other teachers will take these questions and import them into Memrise, Socrative, Quizlet, Yacapaca, Kahoot etc. and will link to them here. If you can’t just send a link to me and I’ll add them here for you.

If you’d like to know more detail about how I used them in class: 1 [This video clip here] (at 56 minutes and 32 seconds) shows how I used the quiz question results to demonstrate progress over time. 2 [This video clip] (at 55 minutes and 8 seconds) explains how I provide formal written feedback to pupils. 3 I also used these questions as part of my teaching theory in lessons and exam preparation [watch video segment and this one]

As I explained, the quiz questions feels like an unfinished piece of work and will revising in light of the 2016 specifications. If you’d like to collaborate on completing these - please get in touch with me.

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