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Rocket science with STOMP, Scratch and GeoGebra

Some techniques for making realistic animations of things in motion

Adrian Oldknow

Created by Adrian Oldknow
last edited Jul 28 2015 by Adrian Oldknow

Notes for teachers which can be adapted to support Computing projects from Key Stage 2 through to Key Stage 5. The pdf document “Rocket Science with STOMP and Scratch” derives the mathematics behind projectile motion using a very simple numerical example which is explored with spreadsheets and the free GeoGebra software, leading to a simple graphical animation in Scratch. More sophisticated methods using basic algebra and trigonometry are explained and explored. The ideas can be built into a variety of projects such as a simulated golf game in Scratch. The ideas bring together historical developments such as Galileo’s theories and Babbage’s mechanical computers in a cross-curricular exploration based on science experiments and mathematical theory. Ardent rocketeers can also design and build their own air-rockets in D&T. The supporting resources include Excel, GeoGebra, Scratch and Tracker files as well as video clips. Resources posted at the National STEM Centre eLibrary

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Teaches: concept of acceleration due to gravity. Applications of computation, algebra, trigonometry and geometry.

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