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Minecraft Team Quiz on a Raspberry Pi

A fun way of assessing your students using a networked raspberry pi in the classroom

Pete Dring

Created by Pete Dring
last edited Dec 04 2014 by Pete Dring

This resource came from running some code club sessions for Y5 or Y6 students in York schools. After some introduction lessons in scratch, I wanted to assess how much the students had understood of the key words for KS2 computing.

This resource is a self-marking multiple choice quiz that students can complete on their own PC / Laptop. If they get a question right they get the chance to build a block on a networked raspberry pi running minecraft.

It’s a fun way of getting students to visualise how images can be represented by individual pixels, how networks work, how binary / hex / decimal numbers work and also assessing students’ understanding.

You can find instructions and links to download here:

Level: KS2-KS4

Duration: 30mins-1hr

Teaches: You can set your own multiple choice questions, but the download comes with a list of keywords for KS2 computing that students have to match to the correct definition.

It also teaches different number bases: students have to convert minecraft coordinates from / to binary / decimal / hexadecimal (at KS2 it’s probably best to let them use a converter unless you’re super keen!)

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