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Perimeter planning for KS2 incorporating computational thinking ideas

Inspired by the computational thinking framework document

Philip Bagge

Created by Philip Bagge
last edited Sep 24 2014 by Philip Bagge

Pupils create an algorithm for working out the perimeter of an equilateral triangle from the length of one side. They then convert this into code. They then then use generalisation to adapt this idea to work out the perimeter of other regular 2D shapes such a a square and pentagon. Some pupils will also move on to the perimeter of rectangles and more advanced maths formulas. Pupils then put these coding solutions into a menu format before testing and evaluating the finished product by attempting to break it.

Programming language Scratch 1.4 or 2.0 easily adapted to Python

Planning is here

I have left the old planning there for a comparison between programming focus and computational thinking focus.

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