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Full schemes of work for Key Stage 3

Links to the full keystage 3 scheme of work I am developing at

James Fearnley

Created by James Fearnley
last edited Sep 18 2014 by James Fearnley

Since completing the primary scheme of work, located at I have been trying to pull together and develop a fully developed and resourced curriculum for key stage 3 computing.

Linked and assessed by the progressions pathways document. (with a second eye on the ingot baseline tests) it hopefully allows a school to deliver the whole Computing National Curriculum.

Most of the resources are written (although still need up-loading) and as I am teaching from the site myself, they are being regularly updated.

Find this curriculum here: (to access any resource click log on as guest, everything is left open)

I have put it all there because I am teaching from it, so needed to allow students to access it.

** Licence -** Work on teachcompsci unless other wise specified is under the Creative Commons, Attribution- Noncommercial licence not the Share Alike licence governing computingatschools resources.

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