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Subject knowledge requirements for entry into computer science teacher training Expert group’s recommendations

The work is based on: CAS (2012), Computer Science: A Curriculum For Schools, Computing At Schools Working Group, available at ; discussions of the Computer Science Subject Expert Group, 3 July 2012 (convened by the Teaching Agency) and at Microsoft Victoria, 2 August; and discussions at The Association for Information Technology in Teacher Education (ITTE) Research Conference, Oxford, 5-7 July 2012.

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This important document exists here but should also be findable as a resource (Note: the document was previously published here but got overlooked).

Also: The key concepts captured by this document

  1. Algorithms
  2. Programming
  3. Data
  4. Computers & Social Informatics
  5. Communication and the Internet

underpin the Subject Knowledge category for CAS Resource metadata. These and underlying “range and content” details have been captured (in an abbreviated way as “Abridged Statements”) in a mind map.

From the Introduction:


To start a postgraduate primary specialist or secondary ITE course specialising in computing or computer science a successful applicant will need to have demonstrated that they already have sufficient subject knowledge to begin the course and the capacity to develop such knowledge where they have identified ‘knowledge gaps’, before completing the course. The subject knowledge specified below is considered by an expert group, comprising members from the computer and games industry, computer science academics, Naace, ITTE and CAS, to be the minimum necessary for trainees to take full advantage of the training offered and to produce teachers capable of teaching a rigorous course and in the secondary phase leading to a high status qualification in computing.

For a primary specialist entering a post-graduate course this subject knowledge may be demonstrated by the applicant having an ‘A’ level in Computing/Computer Science or the equivalent - possibly gained through industrial or school-based experience or a subject knowledge enhancement course (SKE) in computing / computer science. Trainees completing an undergraduate course as a primary computing specialist will need to have covered these criteria by the completion of their course. For a secondary specialist this subject knowledge may be demonstrated by the applicant having a degree with a significant content in computing / computer science or the equivalent - possibly gained through industrial or school-based experience or a SKE course in computing/computer science.

These criteria are indicative only and providers are free to develop their own. The criteria below should support institutions in developing the syllabus for a SKE course.

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