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Algorithms - helping pupils to use and understand that term

This is a You Tube video using a very well known song using a different version of lyrics and children's animation for education only.

Sally Everett

Created by Sally Everett
last edited Jun 04 2014 by Peter Dickman

This song and video were created using the Pharrell Williams song “Happy” but originally we started singing “algorithm” over it and then it grew from there. Many pupils worked very hard to make animations which have been joined together. It is intended only for education and must not be used for anything commercial or money-making in any way. However it is hoped that it will help with the use and understanding of the term “algorithm.”

We have been using Pete Dring’s algorithm poster.

Level: (Beginner)

Duration: (2:50)

Teaches: (the term algorithm and ideas to make algorithms especially unplugged computing)

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