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Primary Master Teacher Training Materials

Materials used for the Roehampton primary master teacher training

Miles Berry

Created by Miles Berry
last edited Aug 27 2014 by Miles Berry

These are links to slides and other resources used for the University of Roehampton / Computing at School primary master teacher training course.

Please treat these as licensed under CC by-nc-sa terms.

Day 1 - Algorithms

Session 1 - Computational Thinking

Sorting out computational thinking

Session 2 - Search and Sort

Bubble sort in action

Session 3 - Algorithms

"Scoop up butter with knife"

Session 4 - Programming languages

Try Haskell

Day 2 - Programming

Session 1 - Robotics

Lego WeDo

Session 2 - Text based programming (Pete Kemp)

Pete Kemp on Python

Session 3 - Educational game challenge

Adaptive learning design in Scratch

Day 3 - Bits and Bobs

Session 1 - Binary


Session 2 - Binary representation


Session 3 - Computers

Turing machines

Session 4 - Robots


Day 4 - Ethics and the Internet

Session 1 - The internet

Can you draw the internet?

Session 2 - The web


Session 3 - Ethical and legal aspects

Copyright designs and patents explained

Day 5 - Conclusion and sharing our practice

Session 1 - Mopping up


Session 2 - Assessment

Session 3 - Sharing our practice

Raspberry Pi

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 5 days

Teaches: Covers the Teaching Agency subject knowledge requirements for entry into CS teacher training at primary level.

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