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BCS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching

Information about the BCS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching.

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The intention of the BCS/Certificate in Computer Science Teaching is to give teachers recognition of their teaching competence in the Computer Science elements of the new Computing curriculum. In the next few years we anticipate that many teachers across the UK will become skilled in teaching Computing although this may not be the subject for which they have trained. This requires a good understanding of the domain of Computer Science and the development of appropriate pedagogical skills to teach the subject. The aim of the certificate is to recognise this.

The BCS Certificate was piloted in the first six months of 2014 and launched officially on 1st October 2014. Teachers have one year to complete their evidence. A list of teachers who have already completed is here.

This is evidence-based certification. Teachers wishing to gain the certificate will supply us with three pieces of evidence. These will demonstrate the following three competencies:

1) A commitment to improving/maintaining subject knowledge and skills in Computer Science.

2) Computer Science knowledge and skills, including programming skills

3) Understanding of and application of pedagogical strategies suitable for teaching Computer Science

More information about the new Certificate

Once a teacher is registered on the Certificate they will be allocated to an e-assessor and will have one year maximum to submit the appropriate evidence.

New for 2015-2016

Two routes to the Certificate

1. Independent route

With this option, you gain complete access to all the resources and guidance in our learning environment, are allocated to an e-assessor, and can use feedback and guidance from them to bring your work up to the required standard for the Certificate.

2. Guided route

With this option, you can enrol for additional courses for Part 2 and Part 3. These take place online in the evenings in small groups with an e-tutor. These courses fulfil the requirements for you to complete your Part 1. Courses are described here.

Start dates

We are introducing bi-monthly in-take dates replacing the roll-on roll-off enrolment. The last date for a roll-on, roll-off start is 1st October 2015. After that time we will switch to 6 cohorts a year, starting in November, January, March, May, July and September.

Coding Days

We will continue to run our coding days around the country in the school holidays. The idea of these days is to give you an opportunity to set aside some time to work on your Part 2 programming project and to do so when there are experts to help you.

Other benefits for Certificate Teachers

All teachers enrolling on the BCS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching will benefit from a year’s free membership of the Codio platform. Read more here.

Register here

More information about the BCS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching is available on the CAS website at

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