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A-Level and GCSE Python resources (

Python School provides a way for existing ICT teachers to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to teach Computing and Computer Science in schools. The materials are designed to enable you to gain the experience necessary to teach Computing at Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-Level.

Sue Sentance

Created by Sue Sentance
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Python School

We have recently re-recorded a lot of the videos for Python School (formerly Python Summer School) at that I know a lot of teachers use already. These are available on Vimeo and the code on our Github site. The material is now very comprehensive for teachers learning Python 3 from beginners right up to A-Level.

Courses are available for:

  • Basics

  • Databases and Python

  • Server-Side Scripting

  • Event-driven programming (PyQT)

  • Object-oriented programming

  • Regular expressions in Python

Do let us know if you like these materials or if you would like to see anything else on this site.

Adam McNicol and Sue Sentance

@suesentance @adammcnicol @pythonschool

Level: Beginner and Intermediate and Advanced

Teaches: Python Programming

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