Resource Guidelines

Guidance notes for submission of resources to the CAS Community


The CAS Community actively encourages teachers to submit their resources for use by other teachers and to make them freely available to all.

Sharing is not always easy. Our experience shows that the main problem is not that there is no material to share. The main problem is that teachers have material, but they think it is not good enough. We often hear: “Yes, I’m happy to share this, but just give me time to polish it a bit, and I’ll upload it. As soon as I have time”. Of course, we all know that the time when you have time never comes. So, the main message of CAS Community is: Share it anyway!

Access to resources in the CAS Website is managed via a Wiki-like model: anyone can edit anything. We trust each other. If you have something that’s started, but unfinished, upload it anyway! We are many. Others may continue and extend your work, improve it and make it better.

When sharing or using a resource from the CAS Community please remember to:

  • Provide proper attribution to the original author(s) if you use this resource
  • Describe, and respect, the licensing terms (see Terms and Conditions) applying to that resource
  • Consider whether to make the resource public i.e. visible to all outside of our community or private i.e. user will need to log in before being able to view or download

All resources must include:

  • Title: Be descriptive! This might be all the user will read to determine if the resource is relevant for their classes
  • Short description: used in listing of resources
  • Long description: free text to describe the resource, the topics, the purpose, the relevant age group, the length of activity etc.
  • An image
  • Category or categories as relevant - this is particularly important as the categories are used to filter resource searches

Resources can then be referenced either by embedding a hyperlink in the long description or by attaching one or more files to the resource page.

Please read both the Terms and Conditions and Posting Guidelines for further information.

Resources that relate directly to examinations

It is really important that when submitting resources to support GCSE or GCE classes we do not fall foul of malpractice as defined by the Awarding Organisations. Although school pupils are not supposed to become members of CAS, we cannot guarantee that CAS community resources will not leak to school pupils. For the purposes of high-stakes examinations, we must regard CAS resources as potentially available to some or all students. We will need to remove any resources that seem to be providing unfair advantage to pupils.

Awarding Organisations define the following activities as malpractice:

  • plagiarism: off the internet or from other students, BUT, acknowledged quotes to support work are ok;
  • writing frames: are NOT ok. Students must create their own responses;
  • non-compliance with instructions: e.g. using unapproved software or techniques;
  • excessive help: students should be prepared by being taught approaches / techniques, but must produce all the submitted material themselves. Individual feedback from the teacher after the task taking has commenced is not allowed. But, common problems can be addressed to the group by way of general hints and suggestions.

Please refer to the guidelines produced by each awarding organisation for further guidance and advice.

Also, please do not upload copyrighted material from an awarding organisation, provide a link to their website instead.

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