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CAS Cardiff Secondary

Wales is undergoing a major reformulation of its entire school curriculum, due for full implementation by 2021. The Digital Competence Framework (DCF) is the umbrella phrase now in use in Wales, a descriptor which was introduced by the Donaldson Review. The DCF is in its draft implementation.

The DCF is a broad cross-curricular entitlement alongside literacy and numeracy but, unlike in England, it does not directly include Computer Science. Thus the initial focus of professional support and development in Wales may be different from that of England. The development of the DCF, rather than a Computing curriculum, implies a greater focus on what is more commonly known to CAS as digital literacy.

Craig Jenkins

Craig Jenkins

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David Longman

David Longman

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CAS South Wales Valleys Mixed (Treforest)

The CAS South Wales Valleys Mixed Community is led by the Technocamps coordinator for East Wales. The meetings are held at the University of South Wales’s Treforest Campus, and serve all schools and teachers in the local area.

The Community meetings are a mixture of information sharing, guest presentations and activities, and provide the opportunity for its members to network and lead discussions.

Please contact Community Leader Laura Roberts if there is anything you would like to raise at a future meeting.

CAS Wye Borders

A Community serving schools in Monmouthshire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and the Wye Valley.

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